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It is always advised that before you take any major life decision, you always seek counsel or get the honest opinion of those who have been there before you. Making a choice of an institution also happens to be a significant major life decision, because it can change the entire course of your life and to some extent determines the course you take in life.

Thus, going through some university of phoenix reviews of people who have has an encounter with the school, will shed more light on the school and its policies. Although one of the oldest institutions, so many people who passed through the institution’s tutelage, have one or two things to say as regards their time in the school and out of the school. Let’s see what the various are:

University of Phoenix Reviews

Here are some honest reviews of students who have passed through the learning process in the University of Phoenix review and their experiences upon graduation.

Neesah F. – 3/8/2020 – Degree : Human Services: Graduation Year: 2014

In the words of Neesah F. “University of Phoenix was an amazing experience for me. I was able to take classes online, but majority of my classes were on campus. I was a single working mother with a busy schedule, but the UNOP instructors and schedule was very flexible for me.

The instructors were understanding, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of human services. UNOP on campus was part of helping me overcome anxiety by speaking to the public while presenting speeches in class.

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It was a process for me, but I am grateful for all the learning tools, teaching, and knowledge that I received while attending this University. I also met some amazing people in the classroom setting and had the opportunity to network and assist within the community during my internship with UNOP”.

Hiba A – 12/26/2019 – Degree: Education: Graduation Year: 2020

In the words of Hiba, A “I really like how their system and keep checking if you are doing fine. It aligns my busy schedule I can take one class a semester but still finish in 2 years. I spend around 5 hours a week which is responsible for me, I don’t need to spend 10 hours like my co-workers who are studying in other colleges. Still, I am in the beginning so I hope I can advance my career when I get the masters”.

Leo Adkins – 11/26/2019 – Degree: Business: Graduation Year: 2019

In the words of Leo Adkins “Since graduating from the University of Phoenix review, I have applied to at least 30 entry level jobs in my field of study. Not one of them has called me back for an interview. Also, I have tried searching for careers through the resources on the University’s website and needless to say.

That has also left me at yet another dead-end. So now here I am with a degree, no job, and a bunch of student loan debt. In my educated and experienced opinion. This degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on”.

Laura Daily – 12/12/2019 – Degree: Healthcare Administration: Graduation Year: 2017

In the words of Laura Daily “This school led me to believe I would have assistance in finding a job in my area of study. After weeks of calls and emails, I finally agreed and enrolled. I worked hard for the high GPA that I graduated with. After I had completed the program I got no assistance.

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The only thing I got was more badgering about continuing on. Now, I’m stuck with all of these loans and worthless degrees. Every place I have applied will not accept my degree or told me I had no experience, which this school promised their assistance in”.

Kelly Jackson – 12/28/2019 – Degree: Healthcare Administration: Graduation Year: 2017

In the words of Kelly Jackson “I choose to do this degree online as I’m a single parent and parental caregiver. I did enjoy that I could do some at my own pace. Faculty was very kind and very thorough in helping me get through courses that could be difficult.

I had to finish one more course after Hurricane Harvey hit. University of Phoenix even lent me a computer to help me finish as mine as flooded. The only thing I have negative to say is that this degree really hasn’t helped me any in growing my career personally”.

KG93 – 3/3/2020 – Degree: Psychology: Graduation Year: 2018

In the words of KG93 “I completed my associates and my Bachelor’s Degree at this school and I really enjoyed my experience. I was able to work full time and be a parent while doing so.

The school is expensive and I had a few teachers and assignments that I didn’t like but I feel like I would have had that experience anywhere. Most of my instructors were knowledgeable and helpful.

I was able to get support from my advisor when needed and I never had any issues with financial advisors. I have not had any issues finding work since graduating. I actually started a job as a Social Worker just two months after graduation.

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In my opinion, if you are a self-motivated individual who is able to read materials and get the work done with direct supervision you will find that a degree at this school is very attainable and enjoyable. I am currently looking to get my masters and would love to return to UOP but unfortunately, they do not have the degree option I am looking for. I would recommend this school to anyone who has a busy lifestyle but is self-sufficient.

From these few reviews culled up, it is now left for you to decide which will be in your best interest considering your field of study and what you need your degree for. One person’s experience, may not necessarily work for another, thus it behooves on you to make the right decision you think will work best in your own interest.


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