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Grand Canyon University Tuition – The issue of Grand Canyon University tuition, has been a topic debate for those who wish to attend Grand Canyon University. To this end, I will be gauging a more realistic picture of what you may really have to spend to attend this institution.

Grand Canyon University offers students three convenient learning options to choose from. They are traditional campus environment, evening classes as well as online degree programs.

The school also offers a wide variety of scholarship programs, that all students can utilize, to reduce the cost of furthering their education if certain criteria are met. It also additionally offers members of the military reduced tuition amounts for online programs.

Grand Canyon University Tuition

You would agree that financing your education, is one of the most critical components you need to consider before you start GUC. This is because, you have to know the cost of your education, as well as understand your financial responsibilities. Grand Canyon University, on the other hand, strives to keep tuition costs competitive, in order to make private, Christian education affordable for all students.

Grand Canyon University Tuition & Costs for 2020-2021

The annual tuition rate for GCU is $16,500 for both in-state and out-of-state students, while on-campus students on the other hand pay an average of $7,700 for room and board and $1,600 in additional fees.

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For individual courses, the cost is $687.50 per credit. The average student with the help of GCU-funded scholarships, for the 2018-2019 year, will pay only $8,700 in annual tuition.

As part of its commitment to provide affordable, quality education, Grand Canyon University’s tuition rate has remained frozen for the past 12 years.

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Grand Canyon University 4 Years Tuition

Based on the fact that the tuition & fees at Grand Canyon University have slightly risen (very lower than the national average) over the last 4 years, you can expect the actual costs to vary from the estimation, depending on the school or university system’s new tuition policy.

Thus, we estimate based on 4-years changes on tuition and fees, that 4-year tuition at Grand Canyon University for future and prospective students, for students who are admitted in Fall 2020, to be $73,287. This estimation does not include the book, supplies, and living costs and before receiving any financial aid.


In case you are currently serving in the military, and are able to utilize military educational benefits, Grand Canyon University, offers a special military rate per credit hour to you and your spouse for its online and evening programs. The school also offers a special scholarship to all veterans and their spouses, as well as employees of the DOD, DPHS, and NOAA. Grand Canyon University is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

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High School Dual Enrollment

As a high school student, dual enrollment courses enable you to earn college credits while you are still in high school.

  • Dual enrollment courses are four credits
  • $210 per course ($52.50 per credit)
  • $105 digital course materials fee per course (applies to online students only)
  • Additional textbook fees may apply

GCU Scholarships & Grants

Grand Canyon University, offers robust scholarship opportunities in a bid to help students in financing their education. You can check the GCU campus as well as outside scholarships, to find out what you may qualify for.

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Resources for Cost Estimation

To be properly guided, speak with a University counselor on enrollment and tuition fees and the cost of attendance that is used when awarding federal aid. Understand that scholarships and grants may lower overall costs. Grand Canyon University also provides cost estimator tools, to help you gauge potential expenses.


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